Airwheel SE3miniT smart luggage is any travel bag that has technological features that go beyond storage (Chapter 1). updata:2023-10-01

Abstract:As for what kind of luggage that can be used in the future in one step and enjoyable experience, let Airwheel SE3miniT smart carry-on luggage answer you.


Airwheel SE3MiniT smart suitcase

Carrying method: Riding

The common way of carrying luggage is mainly relying on the universal wheels at the bottom of the box as well as the trolley bar, and relying on the user's own strength to drag and move. But  In order to solve the tiredness of the journey, Airwheel SE3mini intelligent scooter suitcase has realized the cycling function. This means that it not only does not need to rely on human drag, but also can become the user's walking equipment.


Airwheel SE3MiniT smart suitcase

Moreover, its riding speed can be up to 8km/h, which is faster than walking, saving energy and greatly improving the efficiency of the journey. The operation is also very simple, its intelligent riding handle only has left and right side turnbuckles, right side acceleration, left side braking, and at the same time control the reverse, simple and easy to get started, no learning burden.

Thoughtful Function: Charging

Used to cell phones, Bluetooth headphones, smart watches and other types of electronic devices on the go, charging has become an important thing. Airwheel SE3mini smart riding suitcase specially designed to expand the design of the USB charging port, connected to the data line, can be directly transformed into a portable charger, in time to meet the charging needs.

Airwheel SE3MiniT smart suitcase

Closure: Side-opening lid

In terms of storage, Airwheel SE3mini smart carry-on luggage takes into account the fact that there will inevitably be temporary access to things from the suitcase during the trip, so in order to facilitate the operation, it adopts a side-opening lid design. At the same time, there is also an adjustable buckle between the lid and the box body, which can change the angle of opening and closing, in addition to the conventional fully open, but also can present a 45 ° half-open state, which is more suitable for temporary access to the items on the way, and will not cause the luggage to be scattered, as well as the privacy of the exposure.