1. Check Packing Contents
2. Helmet specification
3. Functional diagram
4. Safety
5. How to wear
6. Usage
7. Bluetooth connection
8. DV connection
9. Download APP

1. Check Packing Contents

Airwheel C5 Airwheel helmet Airwheel C5 USER MANUAL Airwheel C5 smart helmet
Airwheel C5 helmet 1 pcs
Manual/ Warranty Card 1 unit
Micro 5PIN USB cable 1 pcs
SD Card/Card Reader Optional Accessory

2. Appearance

Airwheel C5 helmet for Extreme sports
Size 272mm × 220mm × 169mm
Weight 440g
Applicable Head Circumference L Size: 53~58cm XL Size: 59~63cm
Internal memory 8MB NOR FLASH
Internal cache 512Mb DDR2(Internal)
External memory Micro SD Card (Max. support 128GB)
Video max resolution 2304*1296P 30fps
Video format MOV
Photo resolution 1920*1080 (2M)
Photo format JPEG
Camera lens 6G Wide-angle HD lens
Coms sensor OV4689 1/3" CMOS
Viewing Angle diagonal angle150° horizontal angle130° vertical angle67.4°
Type Li-polymer
Battery capacity 2000mAh
Maximum power dissipation 450mA/4.2V
Hours of use about 4 hours
Charging voltage 5V
Charging current 500mA
Charging time about 3 hours

3. Functional diagram

Airwheel C5 custom motorcycle helmets

① DV switch---Long press to turn on/off the camera

② Wi-Fi pairing---Wi-Fi on/off

③ Start/stop key---Taking photos or shooting videos

④ Helmet adjuster---Adjusting the helmet size

⑤ Camera---Support

⑥ Reset---Shut off compulsively

⑦ LED indicator---Power on in green light, WIFI in blue light, charging in red light

⑧ DV microphone---Support

⑨ Prompt tone---Support

⑩ Bluetooth LED indicator---Flashing frequently when not connected, solid blue light when connected, flashing slowly when playing music or shooting videos.

⑪ Bluetooth microphone---Support

⑫ Bluetooth switch---Turn on/off the Bluetooth, Answer/hang up the phone call

⑬ Short press Next song/long press volume +---Support

⑭ Short press Last song/long press volume ----Support

Airwheel C5 best motorcycle helmet

⑮ SD card slot---Maximum support 128GB

⑯ Micro USB port---Read image data in SD card or charge the helmet

⑰ Helmet drawstring---Fasten the helmet

⑱ Chin pad---Keep comfortable

⑲ Drawstring buckle---Fasten the drawstring

4. Safety

Please make sure this manual is read through and fully understood before initial use of Airwheel C5.

Important Notes:

Please check the following matters before wearing the C5 helmet:

1.Check if there is crack, scratches, rugged surface or abrasion in appearance and the integrity of cap lining etc. which might affect the performance of the helmet. Please repair or dump it in time when it is not in good condition;

2.Check if all components are fastened;

3.Check if all the functional modules are in good condition, whether there is enough battery capacity.


1.Do not wear C5 in rainy days;

2.Do not clean C5 with water, as it may cause shortcut or electrical function failure;

3.Do not clean C5 with detergent, as it may cause damage to the EPS;

4.Changing or removing any of the original accessories are forbidden;

5.Do not wear C5 once it has experienced a big impact and has a crack;

6.Do not wear C5 when riding motorcycles;

7.Do not wear C5 in engineering work, as it cannot replace the Safety Helmet.

Please read this manual carefully before use. Wearing C5 in the right way can prevent your head from serious injury by absorbing and spreading the impact energy. However, not all kinds of injuries can be prevented by the helmet. It may cause physical injury or property loss to the user or a third party if you are not following the user manual or traffic laws and regulation. The Airwheel Company is only responsible for the malfunction of the helmet, and is NOT responsible for any physical injury or property loss to the user while using this product.

· High temperature(>110。F or 43。C) will cause damage to the shell of the helmet. Do not place it near any heat source.

· The protection function of the helmet will decrease with the passage of time, and it is influenced by many factors, such as hollow after collision, exposure to pollution and harmful chemicals or long time exposure under sunshine etc.

· This helmet should not be used by children while climbing or doing other activities when there is a risk of strangulation/hanging if the child gets trapped with the helmet.


Please use a soft cloth dipped with a little alcohol to wipe the helmet shell, inside liner, fixed system and other accessories. Please use the lens cloth to wipe the lens gently.


This helmet should be stored in the dry and ventilated places at room temperature.

It needs to be fully charged for at least one time every month.

5. How to wear

6. Usage

Airwheel C5 helmet for sale

1.Open the front lining of the helmet (as Figure 1 shows), connect the Micro 5PIN USB cable with power source (power adapter or computer USB port) to charge. For first usage, see Figure 2.

Airwheel C5 helmet for sale

2.As Figure 3 shows, pull open the lining, insert the SD card in the arrow direction until it does not pop out, and then push the SD card to take out.

7. Bluetooth connection

1. Long press the Bluetooth switch Airwheel C5 USER MANUAL,It means successfully connected when hearing the prompt tone and the light is flashing blue.

2. Access to phone setting, Turn on the Bluetooth, go to Bluetooth search page, click C5 to connect, solid blue light in the indicator when successfully connected.


3. When successfully connected, short press theAirwheel C5 USER MANUALkey to answer the phone call, short press it again to hang up.

8. DV connection

1. Long press Airwheel C5 custom intelligent helmet the switch key. It means successfully connected when hearing the prompt tone and the light is solid green.

2. Short press Airwheel C5 USER MANUAL to take photos, long press to shoot videos and long press again to stop.

Airwheel C5 custom intelligent helmet

3. Long press Airwheel C5 custom intelligent helmet key and turn on the helmet Wi-Fi (the indicator is solid blue and there is prompt tone), Connect the APP.

9. Download APP

Airwheel C5 color intelligent helmet

Scan QR code to download

Note: support Android 4.3 or later, support IOS 7.0 or later

Instructions :

1.Turn on the C5 helmet, turn on the helmet Wi-Fi and start the APP.

2.operate as the following steps to connect (Password: 1234567890).

3.For detailed information, please visit Airwheel official website or give a call to consult.

Airwheel C5 street sports helmets

1.Start the APP and choose “Smart helmet” Airwheel C5 street sports helmetsin the list.

Airwheel C5 street sports helmets

2.Click wireless icon Airwheel C5 street sports helmetsand search the Airwheel models nearby(note:click to connect the Bluetooth)


3.Click WiFi_DVR_**** and input the password “1234567890” .


4.After successful connection, go back to the home page of the APP to take photos or shoot videos.