Airwheel A6P
A6S A6T Parameter

    smart wheelchair

    Precise process, Quality choice

    Out of the ordinary, Unique work

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    Wild upgrade, all-terrain adaptive

    16" big fat tire

    Cross-country ability, all-terrain adaptive

    • Gravel
    • Speed humps
    • Brick road all adaptive

    Free Intelligent Life

    APP intelligent system

    More smart, more fun

    APP self-diagnose!
    Safe guard all around

    • Real-Time Positioning
    • Riding Data
    • Checking Personal Setting
    • Alarm System

    Perfectly foldable solution

    3 step quick fold process

    We are a travel Pro, but also a portable expert. 3 step quick fold process, less occupation, more satisfaction

folding wheelchair

    Dual alloy kickstand, stable on and off board

    User-friendly design, height adjustable

    Dual alloy kickstand, stable on and off board.User-friendly design, height adjustable. User-friendly design , more thoughtful.

    • Dual alloy kickstand

    Poetry and far journey is never so close

    Slope and ramp is never so easy

    All-terrain adaptive, 10 degree ramp conquer ability. Far you can travel, beautiful scene you can enjoy.