Airwheel SE3miniT smart luggage is any travel bag that has technological features that go beyond storage (Chapter 2). updata:2023-10-06

Abstract:When we say "smart luggage," your mind immediately jumps to suitcases with portable batteries, right? Airwheel  SE3miniT smart luggage can bring you more than that.


Airwheel SE3MiniT smart suitcase

Typically, a piece of luggage can last 5-10 years or more. This means that choosing luggage is more than recommended in one step! Only in this way can you enjoy the convenience and enjoyable experience in every journey afterward. Check out Airwheel SE3miniT.


Durability: high-strength composite case shell + patented case frame

Worried about the strength of Airwheel SE3mini smart riding suitcase after a long ride? No need!

Its case is made of ABS + PC composite material, high strength, high toughness, and scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, long time use can also ensure that the new. At the same time, it also specially adopts the patented box frame, 6 series aviation grade aluminum alloy, the application of one-piece molding technology made, load capacity up to 110kg, can fully support the box body strength, to avoid deformation of the box body on the internal baggage caused by extrusion, you can rest assured that riding, rest assured that the storage.


Airwheel SE3MiniT smart suitcase

Can it be taken onto airplane/high speed train: yes

The volume of Airwheel SE3mini smart carry-on luggage meets the international 20-inch boarding box standard specification, so when you carry it on your journey, you don't need to check in, you can directly carry-on boarding and put it into the baggage compartment.

As the power source of the lithium battery, the modular design, plugging and unplugging without tools, plugging structure, operation is also extremely convenient, can be quickly disassembled and installed. Battery capacity is 73.26WH, whether it is the railroad or aviation for the capacity of portable battery specification, it is in line with the standard, you can successfully pass the security check, do not have to worry.


Airwheel SE3MiniT smart suitcase

No longer satisfied with a single storage function, a blend of more technology and creativity Airwheel SE3mini intelligent scooter suitcase, is called a contemporary journey treasure luggage! I believe that when you get it, it will be able to carry you to enjoy the journey.