How convenient Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase is? Can you imagine? (Chapter 1) updata:2023-10-14

Abstract: Traveling is a great way to experience. But usually we will feel exhausted on the way. The way to reject such a tiring journey is to ride the Airwheel SE3S smart riding suitcase before you go.

Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase

Here are five features of Airwheel SE3S, which will bring much convenience to your travel.


Usually, in order to carry more passenger traffic, airports, high-speed rail station covers a large area, which also leads to travelers in the internal movement will feel very strenuous, tired, after all, can not choose a car, there is no other choice of transportation, have to rely on the legs to walk. In order to make up for this part of the transportation gap, Airwheel SE3S intelligent luggage special realization of the "cycling" function. The bottom of the box is no longer a common universal wheel, but a strong power brushless motor, electric drive riding speed of up to 8km / h, can help travelers to save energy to ride mobile, and greatly improve the efficiency of the trip, you can squeeze out more time to enjoy the journey.


Airwheel SE3S electric suitcase


Long time riding, naturally, the structural strength of the luggage requires more. Airwheel SE3S scooter suitcase not only shell material selection of ABS + PC composite materials, but also reinforced with a patented box frame, box frame to 6 series of high grade aluminum alloy, the application of one-piece molding technology production, can fully carry the weight of the user. Moreover, in order to ensure a better fit between the case and the frame, there are 52 high-strength rivets reinforced on the case body, and under the multiple design reinforcement, the load capacity can reach 110kg, so you can ride and store with peace of mind.


Airwheel SE3S riding suitcase


In addition to running all the way during the trip will make people feel tired, such as cell phones and other portable electronic devices with insufficient power will also make people feel anxious. Airwheel SE3S riding suitcase has a USB charging port on the outer expansion of the case, which can be charged in time just by connecting the data cable, so that people can charge on the road at any time, which can be said to be an extremely thoughtful design.