Sharing & Rental Travel Plan
Intelligent Control APP Big Data Case Tours


    Intelligent remote operation

    Both Mobile and P.C. management systems are applied to provide more convenience to the scenic spots management

Positioning tracking

Remote control and vehicle status checking

Remote lock

Make it easier for closed and semi-closed management, ensure the safety both for people and the vehicles

Exception handling

Real-time solution to unexpected situations, more flexible operation

    Cloud platform features

    Comprehensive functions of the cloud platform, including the visitor management, vehicle management, scenic spot management, and intelligent analysis, etc. Provide strong technical support for the operation and maintenance of scenic spots

    Intelligent Analysis

    Visitor Management

    Vehicle management

    Scenic Spot Management

    Platform data interaction

    Diversified services and more comfortable customized traveling solutions are available on the basis of the Smart tourist site data sharing platform. Establish a fast passage for the daily management of the scenic spot, equipment maintenance, and multi-information exchange

cloud platform

    Platform Management with Big Data Analysis System

    Comprehensive information integration, interaction, and analysis, Smarter and more professional

Customer service

Divide the customers into groups by analyzing the big data, and provide special customized services for each group.


Simulate a realistic environment and discover new requirements while increasing the return on investment


Reduce service costs, discover hidden clues for product and service innovation


Enhance the real-time communication between departments to improve the efficiency of the entire management chain and industrial chain

Scenic Marketing Platform

Online and offline marketing, mobile and fixed-points marketing combined to enhance the comprehensive income of scenic spots

Comprehensive maintenance

Implementation of the GPS vehicle scheduling, scenic spots safety patrolling, resource management of scenic spots, environmental monitoring, and other daily management operations on the basis of the system.