Terminal Customization
Cleaning Robot Airbot

Big Cleaning Robot

Move the Robot using your mouse!!

Airwheel Terminal Customization

Dynamic path planning Smart Cleaning

Real-time distance detection, high-precision motor vector control, precise control of operation angles;Multiple safety protection mechanisms, energy-saving cleaning control

Autonomous pathReal-time monitoringAutomatic wash

Autonomous navigation

Using laser SLAM indoor navigation technology, integrating multiple sensors to realize autonomous navigation.Automatic path planning, real-time obstacle avoidance detection

Advanced software and hardware technology Using flexible management algorithms, not only controls the AGV navigation but also controls the robot arm cleaning Automatic watering and charging,Multiple robots work together, safe and efficient.

Splash proofing cover

The height of the cleaning arm is adjustable, and the tilt angle is adjustable to clean every point.

Automatic charging station

It will alarm when the battery is low, and will automatically drive to the charging station to recharge.

Folded in 90° to save a lot of space

The brush can rotate 90 degrees back and forth.

Non-working status: Folded to its horizontal position;Working status: Unfolded to its vertical position

Multiple robots collaborate for cleaning

This technology realizes the real-time control of multiple robots.One set of robot can clean 8 meters per minute. It takes 24-30 minutes to clean the whole train. The time will be reduced a half after adding another set of the robot.

Monitoring and dispatching via cloud platforms

Energy-saving cleaning controlCloud security monitoringOperation data collection

Indoor positioning control system