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How To Replace the Hall Electric Machine of Airwheel A3 Electric Self-balancing Scooter

Abstract: Airwheel investigates customers' need and provides them with intelligent electric scooters with diverse shapes and functions. Airwheel A3 saddle-equipped scooter, with the sitting-posture mode, is a perfect transport for city commuters. It is also important to maintain it frequently and the following describes how to replace its hall electric machine.

Airwheel perfect integrates the traditional elements with the fashionable elements. A3 2 wheel electric scooter merges porcelain white with matte silver and graceful orange, elegant and sporty.

To begin with, you need to identify whether hall elements have been damaged. Firstly, start and alarm, the screen appears “!” at the bottom right. Every five flash is a pause. Secondly, observe the red light on the driver board; if it is reach 5 minutes of flashes with a pause once, then it is the hall's fault. Thirdly, connecting the motor with instrument, rotate the motor and three red lights are flicker-free.


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After it has been identified, it requires the following eight steps to replace the hall electric machine. Firstly, disassemble according to the following pictures.


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Then, remove the three damaged halls of motor in order.


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After removing the three damaged halls of motor, you need to clean and remove the residual fragments, install new halls of motor, and use glue to make it fixed. Also, add stannum to weld. Install the rest halls by the same way as the above.


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Use air pump to clean up the remaining fragments and dust. Use instrument to check it. If you rotate the wheel, and three lights flash in sequence, it means it is repaired well.


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When there is nothing wrong with the motor, you can install it as you remove it.


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If you find that you cannot solve the problem during 2-wheeled electric scooter A3's daily use and maintenance, please contact the aftersales staff. Also, you are welcomed to visit to see the more detailed steps.