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To Replace the Frame of Airwheel Z3 Foldable Electric Scooter Personally

Abstract: Airwheel Z3 folding electric scooter is an innovative electric means of transport that combines the minimal size of a scooter with the ability to move about independently, thanks to a small but powerful silent motor. The foldable frame contributes much to the portability and the following is to show how to get the frame changed.

Airwheel Z3 is a combination of fashion and humanization to be more intelligent and smaller. The exclusive App designed for Airwheel can monitor the real time data. On the bar, there is equipped with a phone bracket for riders to store their phones. From the exterior design of Z3, including its operating arm and foldable pedals, Z3 electric scooter for adults is much easier and more convenient to carry, thanks to the multi-foldable system. Besides, users can easily hold it since it is only 11.6kg.

The frame plays a key role to provide riders with comfortable riding experience and the following shows how to get the frame changed. Firstly, remove the brake line and the rear fork. Z3 2 wheel electric scooter is equipped with an emergency braking system if the situation demands it, by simply pressing on the handlebar clamp. These designs will make riders to have a carefree journey.


Airwheel Z3 frame

Secondly, remove the left and right pedals. Then you need to remove the stand pipe. Please pay attention to the small components and do not loss them.


Lightweight Electric Scooter

Thirdly, remove the folded structure. Z3 folding electric scooter is famous for its strong foldability and it may be a little complicated to remove them.


electric hoverboard

Then, you are to remove the plastic gear piece and unscrew the locking screws one by one.

electric scooter

The fifth step is to paste the PVC gaskets on both sides.

mini electric scooter

After all the steps are finished, now you can install and fix the folded structure.

foldable electric scooter

Based on the removing steps, you can install the components one by one. Install the stand pipe, locking piece, rear fork assembly, and plastic gear piece.

electric skateboards

Then, fix the folded locking piece and install the two pedals. Organize and fasten lines.

fix the folded locking piece and install the two pedals

Install the brake cable and battery box and arrange the connecting lines to finish the replacement steps.

Install the brake cable and battery box and arrange the connecting lines

If the above steps cannot satisfy you, you are welcomed to visit to watch the maintenance video.