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Do you know how to change the battery and main board of Airwheel E6 smart electric bike?

Abstract: Airwheel E6 portable electric bike is a totally new means of transport with light weight, excellent performance and unique design. Also, it chooses swappable battery design with high-efficiency USB power supply interface and how to change the battery and main board will be answered in the following contents.

Airwheel E6 best smart electric bike advocates the concept of green transportation and strives to provide the superior-quality with brilliant performances and improve people's daily life in a healthy and pleasurable way. Light and stable X shaped design enables the 12.6KG body to bear 100KG load, a remarkable combination of structure and material. Also, it chooses swappable battery design with high-efficiency USB power supply interface which can charge the intelligent devices such as phone, iPad and camera, etc., so that it wipes out the worries of powering off and gives the rider a sense of security. So, how to change the battery and main board?

To replace E6' battery, you need to disconnect the connecting line between battery box and scooter body and remove the battery box first. First, remove the battery box components, replace the battery and main board. Disconnect the battery box connecting lines, remove the battery box and open it. Disconnect the power cable and press the power switch to discharge. Then, you can remove the battery.

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Remove the screws on the main board's bracket and disconnect the lines between the main board and the battery box.

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Before removing the main board, please use phone or camera to record the wiring position on the main board. Disconnect the connecting lines in turn and remove the heatsink. Then, remove the main board.

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After the removing steps are finished, you can install it as you remove it. Install it as the disassembly sequence. Firstly, install heatsink, fasten the main board, and connect the lines as record, clear up the lines and fasten the main board bracket

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Then, install the battery. When the battery compartment is assembled, turn on the switch to check whether the power light is on. The last step is to install the battery compartment on the bracket and choose the same color line to connect.

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Also, you are welcomed to visit Airwheel Repair Webpage to watch the maintenance video of Airwheel E6's battery and main board.