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How to Replace the Motor of Airwheel Z8 Lightweight Electric Scooter?

Abstract:  Speaking of riding safety, Airwheel Z8 mini lightweight electric scooter offers people safe and comfortable riding. It adopts powerful motor and quality battery.

Airwheel Z8 lightweight electric scooter is an innovative electric means of transport that combines the minimal size of a scooter with the ability to move about independently, thanks to a small but powerful silent motor, creating a hybrid that is both fun and practical. You may feel rest assured that the safety of Airwheel Z8 is ensured. There are specifically designed headlight and intelligent brake taillight mounted on Z8 ensures a safe riding at night and will give others warning as well. Today, we will pay attention to the 150W powerful hub motor, integrating the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking system to the wheels, which offers more powerful and stable force.

There are several steps to replace the motor.


Firstly, remove the front fixture in the frame, remove the motor and motor line fixture and then remove the rear fixture in the frame.

remove the front fixture in the frame

Secondly, disconnect the power line. Record it and then disconnect other lines on the mainboard.

disconnect the power line

Thirdly, remove the mainboard heat sink, remove the mainboard bracket and remove the motor.

remove the mainboard heat sink

Fourthly, you can replace the motor (please note the direction of the motor shaft). Install the motor line fixture and fix mainboard bracket.

replace the motor


Fifthly, install the heat sink, connect and organize the lines as the previous record. Install the frame. Be careful not to press the line when installing screws.

install the heat sink


Lastly, you need to install the front fixture in the frame to finish the replacing motor of Airwheel Z8 colorful electric folding scooter.

install the front fixture in the frame

Airwheel Z8 small wheel electric scooter is known for the 6.5kg light item weight and colourful appearance design. And its components are also worth our attention, like the battery and motor. The above shows how to replace Z8's motor and if you want more information, please visit the