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To Get Airwheel M3 Electric Skateboard's Battery Replaced.

Abstract: There are two kinds of battery capacity at your choice, 81.4Wh/163Wh. The video shows how to get Airwheel wireless remote control skateboard M3's battery replaced.


Airwheel M3 since its release in 2015, made of Canadian maple with stable performance, has been in the foreground. The streamlined shape design appeals to the public. The special material TPU is also utilized as damper mass to reduce the shock and uncomfortable feeling. M3 wireless remote control skateboard is also equipped with double intelligent chips to guarantee the normal work of the chip even if one of them is broken. So riders can keep balance for safety travel easily. With the design of electric skateboards and the skills rider acquire, Airwheel M3 is easy to ride.


An original steering-sensor system goes along with M3 distinguishes it from traditional skateboards. A remote control is equipped to M3 to ensure a smooth and easy control. Four super wide tires with unique tread patterns make M3 electric hoverboard have better skid resistance and stronger grip effect. It is safer with multiple fold of protection mechanism.


self-balancing air board


The following shows show to replace the Airwheel M3's battery. Also, you can visit the Airwheel YouTube ( to have a much clearer description.


To replace the battery, you need to remove the battery box's lower cover. Secondly, remove the remote control Bluetooth board.


electric hoverboard

Thirdly, disconnect the battery from the battery box and remove the battery. Replace the battery, and pay attention to the direction of the outgoing line


electric drift hoverboard

Fourthly, connect the lines as the previous record.


electric skateboards

Lastly, install the remote control Bluetooth board.


electric air board


So far, the maintenance of Airwheel M3 electric skateboard involves the replacement of the board, battery, motor wheel, and main board as well as to tighten the motor wheel and replace the non-drive wheels and code matching. If you have any problem during the riding of M3, you are welcomed to give Airwheel feedback either via email or phone call.