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Is the smart mask worth choosing? Airwheel provides the answer.

Abstract: During this special period, people urgently need masks with comfortable breathing experience, which meets the needs of the elderly, children and some patients with cardiopulmonary diseases and other special groups for "smooth breathing without resistance". In fact, the choice is very simple. Just clarify the following points.

Airwheel F3 intellgent mask

Unlike ordinary masks that are attached to the face, Airwheel F3 smart fresh air masks fully follow the ergonomics and adopt a three-dimensional design. Wearing on the face not only leaves enough space, but also can achieve uniform force and close match, to ensure that there is no weight-bearing wear, and excellent air tightness. Users who wear glasses no longer have to worry about the trouble that the mask will make the glasses fog.

Airwheel F3 electric mask

 At the same time, it is also equipped with an intelligent aerodynamic system, which can actively send air to the inside, promote air circulation, reduce breathing resistance, and keep the air fresh. Thanks to the smart sensor module inside the mask, as long as the smart mode is turned on, the Airwheel  smart fresh air mask will flexibly adjust the air supply volume according to the wearer's current movement status to ensure breathing comfort.

Airwheel F3 Fresh air mask

The reason why the mask can protect the wearer and isolate harmful substances such as viruses, smog and dust is mainly due to its filter layer. Airwheel smart elecitc mask adopts 4-layer high-efficiency filtration technology, which is composed of skin-friendly non-woven fabric layer, high-efficiency melt-blown fabric layer, activated carbon layer, and non-woven fabric protection layer.

Airwheel F3 smart electric mask

Ordinary disposable masks are thrown away after use, and Airwheel fresh air masks can be worn and used repeatedly for a long time, and filter replacement and cleaning and disinfection are required regularly. Except for the replaceable filter and intelligent fresh air module, the rest can be sterilized by high-temperature boiling or disinfection by alcohol or wiped by alcohol, making disinfection not only thorough but also simple.

Airwheel F3 smart mask

Regarding the replacement of filters, Airwheel has developed a special APP for F3 smart masks, which can promptly remind when to replace the filter according to the actual use situation, and also provide a purchase entrance for the filter, which is very convenient. In addition, through the APP, you can also view the remaining power, duration of use and other information, and can remotely shut down and scheduled shutdown.