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A perfect companion for kids when travel---Airwheel SQ3 smart luggage (Chapter 1)

Abstract: If the last parent-child journey made you feel tired, then, on the next journey, take Airwheel SQ3 smart kids suitcase and go! I believe that with its companion, it will be able to create a pleasant parent-child time.


Airwheel SQ3 smart suitcase

Contemporary, many parents will bring kids to travel together and equipped them with an exclusive children's luggage, which is used to specialize in organizing the child's belongings, more convenient to access, but also to cultivate the child's sense of autonomy. So, what are the criteria for selecting children's luggage? Although many parents and children will be "appearance" as an important or even the only selection criteria, in fact, children's luggage can choose not only the external face value, it can also have more convenient journey to the powerful function.


Let Airwheel SQ3 intelligent children's luggage show the strength of the choice.


Airwheel SQ3 smart electric suitcase


Although, it is a suitcase, apart from storage, Airwheel SQ3 Smart Kids Suitcase can also be a mobility equipment for your child. It is equipped with powerful motor wheels at the bottom of the case, which, driven by electricity, are able to carry the child all the way forward at a speed of 5km/h. The realization of such a riding function means that the children can easily catch up with their parents during the journey without any effort, and parents do not need to take up the responsibility of holding and carrying their children when they are tired, so both parents and children can easily travel in a state of low physical exertion.


As for the difficulty of riding control, whether the child can ride and use smoothly, this is no need to worry. Airwheel SQ3 riding luggage is for children aged 3-6 years old research and development of intelligent riding box products, so it is basically 0 control difficulty. Intelligent riding handle adopts a minimalist design, the handle only left and right sides of the handle need to be manipulated, the right side of the acceleration, the left side of the brakes, and at the same time manipulation can be realized in reverse, the children can quickly grasp the first time on the hands.