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How convenient Airwheel SE3S robotic luggage is? Can you imagine? (Chapter 2)

Abstract: As a suitcase, Airwheel SE3S can also be used as a walking gear, accompanying charging station, and more possibilities ......With it, the journey will start in a new way, and with it, it solves more pain points and becomes more comfortable and exciting.


Airwheel Se3S smart electric suitcase

We’ve all been there: running out of phone battery just as you get to the airport; struggling with an overloaded luggage trolley; dashing to the terminal at the last-minute. Happily, these problems are a thing of the past for many who own a piece of smart luggage-Airwheel SE3S. Today, we will continue to discuss the other features of SE3S.


As a new thing, Airwheel SE3S intelligent suitcase to get started as close as possible to people's existing operating habits, to ensure that the low difficulty to get started, only then can gradually popularized to more users in the journey. For this reason, the intelligent riding handle to control it to ride on behalf of the minimalist design, only the left and right sides of the handle need to be manipulated, the right side of the handle to control the acceleration, the left side of the handle to control the brake, hold down the left side and then press the right side can be backward, the direction is by turning the intelligent riding handle to manipulate, is not it very simple? In the actual user statistics, it is true that such a design, even the elderly can quickly get started to use, so in the elderly group also has a very high popularity, and many young people will choose to add equipment to their parents at home, to help them travel more easily.


Airwheel Se3S smart suitfcase


Airwheel SE3S rideable suitcase is a 20-inch luggage specifications, from the size of most airlines to meet the boarding specifications, and it really can do without worrying about boarding. Its lithium battery capacity of 73.26WH, in line with the boarding specifications of the "no more than 100WH" this one, while using a modular design, plugging and unplugging demolition are no tools, and very simple and easy to operate, before the security check can be quickly disassembled, and smooth passage and carry on board. The lock of the case is also specially selected international common TSA customs lock, do not have to worry about encountering violent dismantling inspection.