Airwheel X8
X8 Specs Airwheel X8

Being a Cross-country Master

Airwheel X8, a Single-wheeled Scooter

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16-inch magnified wheel, Sony lithium battery and high sensitive balance chip are installed in X8 with stronger power and faster acceleration. X8 is at speed of up to 18 km per hour with the load capacity of 120kg.

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Nothing can Stop Airwheel

Equipped with the new type of magnetic levitation motor

airwheel X8

16’Magnified Slim Wheel Hub

X8 features 16’ inches magnified wheel hub, which minimizes roll angle and optimizes grip effect. This design better guarantees the safety and delivers a dynaminc look.


Premium Material and Premium Performance

With wide and flat body

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Carbon-Fibre Pattern

Distinctive Look With High-End Essence


Go or Stop Freely

Airwheel adopts the well-known brand Cheng Shin Tire which the grip effect is 3.8 times that of ordinary tires with wider contact area and shorter braking distance. As a result, the riding experience is safer and easier to control.

Airwheel X8—a Cross-country Master

16-inch magnified wheel minimizes roll angle and optimizes grip effect. The unique design of wheel line makes the wheel wear-resisting and durable.


High-quality LED Display Screen

LED display screen is of brevity and elegance which provides the volume of electricity.


Safety control alerts

Speed control

To prevent injuries caused by speeding, Airwheel sets a maximum speed. When the speed exceeds 12km/h, the front end of the pedal will rise gradually and when the speed exceeds 16km/h, the pedal will pose a 10° angle to the leveling surface, which stop you from inclining further to accelerate.

Tilting Protection

When Airwheel tilts to over 45° sideways, e.g. when Airwheel turns over, the control system will activate tilting protection. The motor will stall immediately to prevent injuries.

Low Battery Protection

When power level falls lower than 15%, all four lights will blink and the buzzer will beep. The front end of the Pedal will sink to force you to decelerate and eventually stop. Please do not attempt to ride again, otherwise you may suffer a sudden loss of power and fall over.